Upload your products via the dashboard or get help from one of our experts


Your products are categorized and linked to the right target group.

Sales channels

We sell your products via web shops, marketplaces and comparison websites.

We sell your products online

By cooperating with our partners, sales channels are created and connected. That is the power of collaboration.


Sell online

We link your products to dozens of sales channels worldwide. You decide what your price and shipping method is. Do you only sell in your own country? No problem! You can decide to which countries you want to deliver your products. For example, sell in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France or Great Britain thanks to our international network.


The right audience

We sell your products on marketplaces, webshops and affiliate networks. The customers who buy your products here are both consumers and business customers. We ensure that your products are always offered to the right customer.


Optimal positions

We determine where your products are offered. On
this way, our experts can independently develop sales strategies
so that your products sell optimally

All benefits at a glance

No webshop required

Thanks to our system, you do not need a webshop as a partner. Do you have a webshop? Then we ensure that the product information is automatically retrieved.

Sell internationally

With the push of a button you can sell to millions of customers in Europe. You do not need a foreign VAT number, so you can immediately deliver your products internationally.

No costs

You have no additional costs on your sale. You determine your own selling price after which we calculate our margin. This way you always get your own specified price.

Tailor-made solutions

Because of our technical knowledge, we can always make connections with your own system. We are happy to advise and assist you in this process.

Everyone is welcome

Have you started a clothing line? Or do you have a webshop with 100,000 products? No problem. Everyone is welcome to join.

Internal customer service

We take care of customer inquiries. This way you do not have to have contact with the customers yourself.

Enter the future, start now!

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