Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my job as a partner of Inmerce?

Your job is to provide complete product information through our platform. If all of this is done correctly, you will immediately receive a notification that you are logged into the platform. This also means that your products are offered on the sales channels. You can also see the orders coming in from this moment. Your job is to send these orders with a Track & Trace number to the right customer. Send us this number or have a link made so that we automatically get access to your Track & Trace file. That's it!

Do you work with monthly subscription costs?

Because we see agreements with our partners as partnerships, we do not apply fixed costs. This allows everyone to join free of charge. We will only receive a commission if one of your products is sold. This ensures an active re-seller motivation within our organization.

What is the commission if I sell a product?

The commission varies between 5% and 20% on the sales sold. The commission is determined on the basis of your industry, the length of the collaboration and the sales / expected sales. We stand for long-term partnerships, which means that the commission is variable based on the sales that are sold.

In which countries do you sell?

Currently we only sell in Europe zone 1. This includes the countries:

  • The Netherlands;
  • Belgium;
  • Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland);
  • Germany;
  • France (incl. Corsica and Monaco);
  • Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City);
  • Luxembourg;
  • Austria;
  • Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands);
  • United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands);
  • Sweden.

There are plans to expand this worldwide. Are you interested in this? Then please contact our customer service.

Do you own all sites?

We own most of our web shops. We also sell through dozens of marketplaces and re-sellers. For our partners who sell B2B, we can also sell your products to retailers through our B2B web shops. Every sales channel is inspected by us before we make our range available. In addition, we also take full responsibility when problems arise with external sales channels. This makes us the only contact person within our cooperation.

How are the returns arranged?

This is due to the collaboration. We would like the return requests to be sent to the relevant partner. The approval of the return package can be indicated via e-mail or our platform. This allows us to refund the amount to the customer. If a package is not returned fully or damaged, you can decide for yourself what amount will be refunded. In addition, it is also possible to have the returns arranged by us. We only use this if you are registered as a supplier . Although it is easiest for both parties if the package is sent directly from the customer to the partner. As a result, shipping costs are only charged once. In summary, everything is possible if you are an Inmerce partner.

Where can I gain insight into my orders?

First of all you can view all your products and orders in your partner account. We understand better than anyone that you want to keep everything central within your organization. This means that most partners receive the orders from us via e-mail. In addition, it is also possible to make an API link so that the orders can be loaded into your own system. We can only make the orders available. You as a partner must also be able to read these orders in your own system. 

How is the selling price determined?

The selling price can be determined in two ways. 1. You enter your selling price yourself, after which it is fixed in our system. 2. You display your price (the cost price excl. VAT + profit margin) after which we determine the sales price. 

If you determine your selling price yourself, it will no longer be changed by our system. The disadvantage of this is that we cannot strengthen your online position by replicating your prices. As a result, we cannot give discounts and / or win sales positions at marketplaces. If you let us determine your selling prices, we can apply competitive selling prices ourselves. This way the position of your assortment is displayed much better. You indicate yourself what you want to earn on your product so that we never go below that certain amount. 

Is Inmerce accessible for all types of product categories?

Are you just starting your own clothing line or do you have a warehouse with more than 100,000 items. No problem! You can come to us as a small or large entrepreneur. Do you have products in categories that fall outside the traditional e-commerce branches? Then we create / look for sales channels that match your range. You can sell everything through our platform, that is the power of Inmerce.

Can I decide on which sales channels I sell?

Unfortunately you cannot determine on which sales channels your products are offered. You can indicate in which countries you can deliver. We use this strategy so that our category managers have the freedom to determine the range to be sold. If we did not use this, we could not respond to new trends in the ever-changing e-commerce market. 

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